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What is TelOne Talk+?

TelOne Talk+ is a world-class Unified Communications (UC) system that transcends all the local telephone networks to create a truly unified experience by enabling world-class mobility that unifies voice, email, instant messaging, and PSTN calling on the local Zimbabwean network. TelOne Talk+ allows you to be reachable on your local number as you travel around the world without the need for expensive roaming charges as long as you have access to a broadband connection.

Make PSTN at 7c/min Over 55% Saving

Talk+ helps you communicate with Zim from wherever you maybe around the world by calling local numbers. Whether you are in Mutoko, Bulawayo, New York City, Pretoria, Lagos, Toronto or any other city in the world. You can enjoy the convenience of calling local Zimbabwean numbers for only 7c/min.

Those VERY VERY Long Calls are Back!

Who said the days of making VERY VERY long calls are gone? With Talk+ you can make these long calls without breaking your wallet! You can call all Zimbabwean networks TelOne, NetOne, Telecel, Econet, etc. at the low rate of 7c/min saving over 55% over cell phone calls!

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To Order Call 04-700950 or 950 Toll free

Disclaimer : TelOne Talk+ works with any high speed Internet connection.