What is a Talk+ Virtual Number and how is useful?

The Talk+ Virtual number is useful in the sense that unlike other VOIP only platform Talk+ transcends VOIP and the telephone network. People with no 3G or broadband can still call and reach you using your own virtual number.

How do I get TelOne Talk+ onto my Mobile Phone, Tablet Device and Laptop?

TelOne Talk+ App is available on the App Store for iPhones, Windows Store for Windows devices and Play Store for Android devices.

Can I keep my virtual landline number when i move to another country?

Yes, you can. You can continue using your virtual number and making calls on the TelOne Talk+ App.

What is the maximum number of people that can participate in a conference, video or audio?

The maximum allowed on the platform is 250 however this may be limited by the conferencing package selected.

What is the minimum bandwidth required for Talk+'s many features

Talk+ bandwidth requirements vary with the modalities used each session. For instance an audio call with IM might have different network conditions than an video call with IM. You better understand the various calling and collaborations scenarios and their bandwidth requirements please visit the bandwidth requirements page on the Talk+ website https://www.talkplus.co.zw/Guide/UserGuides.aspx

Can I start receiving calls when I get my Talk+ User ID before I download the Skype for Business client?

No. All Talk+ communications are via the Skype for Business Client. Only devices that are logged in can send and receive Talk+ communications. You can download the client on any Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Windows desktops.

Can I receive or make calls on a 3G Network

Talk+ is designed for high speed broadband. While in some instances a 3G connection might be able to make or receive calls we do not recommend using Talk+ on 3G

Can I receive calls on Talk Plus without Internet connection

No. A high speed broadband connection is required for Talk+.

What is the difference between Talk+ and Skype?

TelOne Talk+ allows you to get a Zimbabwean virtual number that makes you reachable whether someone is online or not. You can also make telephone calls to other networks using TelOne Talk+ at local rates.

The regular Skype service is a public service that service providers cannot control and or customize for use by customers. Only the provider (Microsoft) has control over content much like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Skype for Business allows TelOne to own, customize, and localize the service without any restrictions.

TelOne Talk+ allows you to get a local virtual number that make you reachable whether someone is online or not. You can also make telephone calls to other networks using Talk+, but you can also be reached and also reach all your contacts on Skype. Making Skype telephone calls is very costs, but Talk+ allow you to make calls at local rates regardless of whether you are in Zimbabwe or not. This makes your Talk+ number a truly Universal Number, reach online and offline.

Can I add Skype contacts to my Talk+ Contacts?

Within Talk+ you are able to search for and find Skype users by using their full name, email, or user name.

Can people on Skype find and add my Talk+ account?

People in Skype can also find and add you Talk+ account to their contacts. They simply type your Talk+ email address such as username@talkplus.co.zw. Once they find you they can contact you like any other Skype account.

Do I pay for Talk+ to Talk+ calls?

Talk+ to Talk+ calls are free as part of your package

What Type of Internet Connection do I need?.

TelOne Talk+ works with any high-speed Internet connection (like ADSL, LTE, WIFI or Fiber) So you’ll need to have your own broadband Internet service in place to use TelOne Talk+.

Can I talk to other TelOne Talk+ Customers for free?.

Yes. With TelOne Talk+ In-Network Calling, if the person you are calling is a TelOne Talk+ customer you can talk as long as you want for FREE, no matter where in the world they are.

Do I pay for TelOne Talk+ to Skype calls?

TelOne Talk+ to Skype calls are free as part of your TelOne Talk+ package

Can customers buy the Lenovo devices without TelOne Talk+?

Yes. These will be available in select TelOne stores and will be priced competitively in case a customer just wants the device alone. However Financed devices have to be bought with a TelOne Talk+ package.

Can I add Skype contacts to my TelOne Talk+ Contacts?

Within TelOne Talk+ you are able to search for and find Skype users by using their full name, email, or user name.

What are the Talk+ tariffs?