Simultaneous Ring Feature

Simultaneous ring feature allows you to add a number on any network and allow it to ring together with your other Talk+ devices whenever someone calls you on Talk+. This works like multiple extensions where the ring stops when you pick up the call on any of these devices including your regular cell phone if you added it for simultaneous ring. This feature also allows you to be reachable when you do not have internet access because your cell phone number would continue to receive Talk+ calls.

Unlike call forwarding where your phone doesn’t ring, you can set your incoming calls to simultaneously ring your phone and another number or contact. This setting can help ensure that callers don’t get the busy signal and their calls don’t get missed. At the same time, they won’t be aware that their call was forwarded.

How to set simultaneously ring

  • In the Skype for Business interface, click on the settings icon.

  • Choose Call Forwarding from the left column and click on the Simultaneously ring radio button.

  • Use the drop-down menu to choose new number.

  • Enter your phone number and click save.
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