Persistent Chat

What it's all about.

Persistent chat lets you create topic-based discussion rooms that persist over time. Talk+ persistent chat rooms are where you can communicate and collaborate with a group of people who have a common area of interest. You can share ideas and information by posting messages in real time and find ideas and information by browsing or searching the chat history. Messages are saved over time, so new and old chat room participants can see all the chat history at any time. With persistent chat, you can search for content within and across rooms, and create alerts (notifications) and filters (topic feeds) to track conversations in particular rooms and about specific topics. And, you can create and manage your own chat rooms.

If you see the Chat Rooms icon on the Skype for Business (Talk+ Client) main window, persistent chat is set up on your package.

Important:Conversational style in a chat room is typically casual, but remember whatever you write in a chat room is permanent. Anyone with access to the room can see what you’ve written for as long as the chat room is enabled.

Why chat?

Consider using chat rooms to:

  • Coordinate events
  • Create ask-the-expert/Q&A forums
  • Brainstorm
  • Create a bulletin-board environment for evolving topics
  • Collect feedback from colleagues

If you’ve heard about a specific chat room but can’t seem to locate it, chances are it was set up with a privacy level that keeps it hidden from view. Every Skype for Business (Lync) chat room has a privacy level, which controls who can find it and who can get into it. The chat room owner sets the privacy level on the Create a room window when the room is first set up.

Here are the differences amoung the three privacy levels:


  • No membership is required or allowed in an open chat room.
  • Not applicable


Membership is required in order to read, post to, or follow a closed chat room. Non-members can find closed rooms via search and can see participant lists of closed rooms, but can’t read, post to, or follow them.

Request membership from the room manager:

  • In the Skype for Business (Talk+ Client) main window, use search to display the listing for the room you want to join.
  • Point to the chat room listing and click the See Contact Card icon. You’ll find the name(s) of the manager(s) on the contact card.


  • Membership is required. Members can find, read, post to, and follow a secret chat room. Non-members will not be able to find a secret room, learn who has membership in it, or read or post to it.
  • Membership is by invitation of the creator or manager of the room
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