Virtual Landline Number

Talk More and Pay Less with TalkPlus Virtual Landline Feature.

  • TalkPlus Virtual Number keeps you connected wherever life or work takes you!
  • Get a TalkPlus virtual number and call more using local calling rates when out of the country.
  • Talk+ Virtual number is useful in the sense that unlike other VOIP only platform Talk+ transcends VOIP and the telephone network. People with no 3G or broadband can still call and reach you using your own virtual number. This is even more valuable for people in the Diaspora as local people only need dial the local number and can still reach you in the US/UK/Canada etc. Imagine someone stranded at an accident scene and needs to notify their son in Australia but there is no 3G for WhatsApp, Talk+ allows you to call their virtual number and still reach them. This is by all means the revolutionary difference between Talk+ and WhatsApp.

Your worldwide Talk+ Virtual Number

When you sign up to Talk+ you are assigned a virtual local number that can be dialed from any network or worldwide. The advantage is that this can allow Mbuya or Sekuru from the village to call your local number to reach you while overseas without calling international rates.

Make Local Zimbabwean Network Phone Calls

In addition to Talk+'s ability to do IM, video calls, audio calls, web conferencing, you use you can also call your contacts on Econet, Telecel, NetOne, TelOne numbers while saving over 40%

One Number, Multiple Devices, Worldwide Reach

With Talk+ you are able to use multiple devices with the same number. This means all these devices can ring at the same time and it's up to you to decide which device to answer your call on. Devices include smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers

No more Roaming for International Travelers

When travelling internationally you would not need to get a local number as long as you have access to high speed broadband, you can continue to receive calls on your virtual number. This means your business partners and family members can always reach you and you can always make local calls without roaming.

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